Free Bitcoin

How-to: Earn free Bitcoin with faucets. (up to $200 per day)

Bitcoin faucets are just what they sound like. They are virtual “faucets” that drip a small amount of bitcoin every X amount of time. Some faucets spit out bitcoin every 30 seconds and some every hour.

I will now show you how to earn free bitcoins with faucets.

 Step 1: head over to and make a free account

Step 2: click on FREE BTC in the menu

Step 3: scroll down to the bottom and there will be a captcha, solve the captcha and click “roll”

Step 4: Enjoy your free bitcoin! Winnings will be automatically deposited to the wallet that comes with your account. The timer resets every hour, just come back and roll again!

BONUS: They hold a weekly lottery that you automatically enter every time you roll. Jackpots up to $5,000!

Happy Earnings!!